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Resource Augmentation is also known as contracting companies hire employees on a contract basis, based on the length of the project on which help is needed. This is ideal when a company does not wish to make a permanent commitment to hiring additional personnel but needs additional help or expertise.

Having the right technical team is critical for the success of any project. The experience and aptitude they possess offer just the right amount of boost in productivity and technical expertise. No matter the complexity of the project, their acumen becomes the gateway to project completion.

Enterprise Development Solutions (EDS) staff augmentation services provide skilled personnel to work under your direction to help develop, maintain, manage, and support new or existing applications. We work with our clients onsite or remotely and are certified in key technologies from our multiple global delivery centers worldwide.
At EDS, we take pride in saying that we are not your average IT and staffing company, but one that equips our client’s company with a workforce that accelerates the quality and speed of work by developing and managing resources. We make sure that there is a real-time response to the requirements of our clients with respect to their location, technology, and the industry in which they are operating.

Our scalable enterprise recruiting model and infrastructure combine to meet your just-in-time resource requirements.

We can provide both onsite and contract staff augmentation and our clients can take advantage of skilled manpower for your projects. Whether our client’s project calls for a specialty resource for a limited amount of time, or need expertise in a particular technology, we can help you find the resources that your project needs.